The Most Epic Chicken Doner Kabobs Ever Assembled

When it comes to food, I am all for convenience. Chicken and veggie wraps (aka cold burritos)? Done. Falafel, yes, please! Gyros and shwarma? I’ll take one of each, thank you very much. Whether it’s a tortilla, pita, naan, or lavash. You just can’t go wrong with the power and convenience of food that comes in

A Slow Cooker And 5 Ingredients Is All This Incredible Meal Needs

This past week was Thanksgiving which involved a lot of traveling to see friends and family. It’s nice to be back home where my family and I can enjoy a home-cooked meal. Eating other people’s home-cooked meals is nice but we have mostly been dining out. Not everyone we visited this past weekend cooked a

It’s Not Clam Chowder And Beer Is One Of The Secret Ingredients

Hello Everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. For those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope your past week was filled with epic meals you shared up and down on Instagram. It has been all too long since I last posted to the site and that is because I


Authentic Pork Chile Verde

When it comes to Mexican food, I often see food bloggers and home cooks complicate the beauty and simplicity of traditional and authentic Mexican recipes. I understand that most of these people did not grow up in various parts of Mexico or with abuelitas (grandmas) that could cook circles around most professional chefs but trying to stay