About Us

Come one and all to the wonderful world of Fiercefork. Thanks to the modern age creation and adoption of social media, food related topicsĀ are now hotter than ever. Long gone are the days of people not caring about food and simply cooking for the purpose of eating. We are currently living a food revolution, in which people love to showcase the food they eat, how they prepare the food, and most importantly how it tastes.

Even though you can not smell or tasted endless photos of food on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc we all walk away with one notion. That looks amazing! I need to find out how that’s made. There is a reason the term and the hastag foodporn are so popular in our current social media obsessed culture. Simply put, we pine for food, we lust for it we want more sultry photos of food sitting there waiting to be eaten. See what I mean? This simple paragraph alone probably got you all hot and bothered for some nice, hot, steamy plate of succulence. See, I did it again.

Fiercefork is a website created to idealize food in all its glory. The websites sole purpose is to scour the internet and bring you amazing looking food that you can recreate at home regardless of your culinary background. Fiercefork believes food should be shared with the world one recipe at a time. Roll up your sleeves, put on your apron, because food is about to get fierce.