Authentic Pork Chile Verde

When it comes to Mexican food, I often see food bloggers and home cooks complicate the beauty and simplicity of traditional and authentic Mexican recipes. I understand that most of these people did not grow up in various parts of Mexico or with abuelitas (grandmas) that could cook circles around most professional chefs but trying to stay authentic is not complicated. Take for example Authentic Pork Chile Verde, a very traditional recipe who’s original name was Cerdo en Salsa Verde (Pork in Green Sauce) or another version is Cerdo En Verdolagas (Pork in Purslane).

Depending on where in Mexico you find yourself ordering the dish, you will see slight variations. In some parts of Mexico Chile Verde is made with jalapeños whereas as others like to use serrano chilies. Some parts omit both chilies altogether and opt for roasted Chilaca chiles instead. Then there is the dish mentioned previously Cerdo en Verdolagas (Pork in Purslane) which gets it color from the purslane cooked with the pork. A side note, this version is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and very difficult to find so give it a try if you see it on a menu on your next trip to Mexico.

Regardless of regional variances within the country, one thing remains true. Let the ingredients do the talking. Most Mexican recipes I encounter on the internet seldom think of food or Mexican food in this fashion. Many of the recipes I come across rely on oregano, chili powder, cilantro, and cumin as the flavoring agents in “Mexican Food”.

Yes, some traditional Mexican recipes do use these ingredients but that does not mean they need to be used in every recipe you are trying to recreate.

One of the things I enjoy most about this tasty dish is the simplicity of the prep work involved, the other is the versatility of the dish. Once you have made this Authentic Pork Chile Verde using the recipe on the next page. You can literally turn the dish into a ton of other recipes. This Chile Verde can easily be turned into tostadas, burritos, sopes (one of my favorites), authentic chalupas, or you can easily add fava beans to make Puerco En Salsa Verde Con Habas (Pork in Green Sauce with Fava Beans). My mom and grandma used to make a mean version of this dish so I will need to recreate it for you guys later.

Head on over to the next page for the full recipe to this Authentic Pork Chile Verde That will blow your mind on how simple it is to make.

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