Disney Tops Their Matterhorn Macaroon

Disney fans and nonfans can agree that Disneyland really is a magical place. Between the amazing rides, colorful parades, characters, and last but certainly not the least, the food. Disneyland is not just for kids anymore. You can visit the magical world of Disneyland any day of the week and see hardcore fans trading pins with cast members or representing their Social Clubs but the food is one of the best attractions in my opinion.

Disney food has a personality all of its own. For my family and I, every trip to Disneyland consists of reservations to one of the many amazing restaurants, cart food such as chimichangas, corndogs, and churros and then specialty items like Mikey beignets.

For those of you planning a trip in the next few weeks, I highly recommend the specialty food items like the beignets, Dole whip, Matterhorn Macaroon and the newest addition…wait for it…the Matterhorn Macaroon Doughnut.

You heard correctly. Disneyland recently unveiled their newest dessert which takes the very popular Matterhorn Macaroon and strategically places it on top of a glazed doughnut. This dessert is food porn at it’s finest.

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Happy #MatterhornMonday! I feel like @disneyhungry and I hit the donut jackpot with this special donut adorned with Matterhorn Macaroons, Coconut and Caramel Sauce. Thanks Jenny for letting my use your mani! @disneyland #disneydonuts #matterhornmacaroon #matternhorn 💙🍩

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It is not official how long the dessert will remain on the menu. It could be a specialty item that is only seen for a limited time so if you are planning a trip in the next few weeks be sure to get one. Even if Matterhorn Macaroon Doughnut isn’t the best dessert you have ever tried, you can at least say you tried one when they were available. You can purchase the dessert at the Holly Jolly Bakery.

As if a Matterhorn Macaroon wasn’t already the greatest thing ever…they had to go and make Matterhorn Macaroon Donuts! Omg! Just take my money!!! 🙌🏼 We got this at the coffee cart located between the Castle and Frontierland. They make different specialty donuts every week and this is the best one yet! #disneyland #disneyfood #disneyfoodie #disneygram #foodsofdisneyland #disneylove #disney #disneymagic #disneyaddict #disneyap

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Quick side note, if for some reason you find yourself unimpressed with the Matterhorn Macaroon Doughnut you can always invent your own dessert like this person did. Maybe your dessert will be the next big hit.

I have been waiting months for this!!! Matterhorn macaroon + dole whip = heaven!!! Thanks for sharing this tip @goingtoguides #disneyland #doelwhip #matterhornmacaroon #happiestplaceonearth #foodsofdisneyland

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