Grilling On The Go Has Never Been Easier Thanks UNA Grill

We all know someone who is all about grilling their food. Maybe that someone is you. They grill meats, vegetables, even sandwiches. I can’t say I blame them. Nothing quite beats the flavor of a charbroiled piece of meat regardless of what it is.

Burger King is a perfect example of a company that has built an empire out of burgers tasting like they came off a charcoal grill. Lot’s of people, including myself, love the smokey flavor you can only achieve with a charcoal fire.

Grilling food is an American tradition as much as it is watching fireworks on the

4th of July. What do most people eat on the 4th of July? Burgers, hotdogs, and a slew of other meats perfect for grilling.

The downside about grilling, however, is that it is not very convenient. Traveling with a grill to barbecue is not only cumbersome, it can be incredibly messy. If you own a truck, transporting the grill is easy but you still have the issue of portability when you arrive at your destination.  Most people I know own a compact car or small SUV, so transporting their grill is not an option. Even if it is a small grill.

One person is trying to change that by creating a portable grill you can take with you just about anywhere you go. Sherif Soubra of the Netherlands has designed a grill called the UNA Grill which solves the dilemma of being able to barbecue while on the go. I know what you are thinking. “I already have a portable grill we take camping and when we go outdoors”.

Hold on a second. You have not met the UNA Grill. This grill is designed with mobility and convenience like you have never seen. The idea was a result of a family gathering involving a grilling session which ended with tasty food but a scorched table. That would ruin my happy grilling moment really quickly.

The grill is not only portable, it is practical and easy to use. This is ideal for people who live in apartment buildings and can only own small grills to be used on their balconies or terraces. Clean up is also incredibly simple as several of the components appear to be dishwasher safe allowing you to store the grill indoors after it has been used.

If that was not enough to convince you to get one of these grills, The UNA Grill comes in

5 really cool colors allowing you to showcase your own unique style.

The UNA Grill was recently available as a Kickstarter campaign and it is currently available on Indigogo here (UNA Grill) if you want to pick one up before they go mainstream.

Photo source: UNA Grill


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