Homemade Crab Cakes Get A Little Southern Inspiration

I don’t know about you but crab cakes have always been a difficult appetizer to pass up. If it’s on the menu, there is a chance I will order them. This is done to satisfy the urge for some crab cakes while at the same time doing a little reconnaissance. You should always take note of food that really catches your attention when dining out so that you can try and recreate the recipe at home.

That being said, there are lot’s of different crab cake recipes out there and crab cakes can be made a ton of different ways and I recently came across a recipe that has a little Southern inspiration. The crab cakes have a little spice and are served with a jalapeno remoulade given them, even more, flavor.

Catch the video below from How to Feed a Loon and then get the full recipe from their website at the link below the video.

Recipe source: How To Feed A Loon

Photo source: @caribbean_bites

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