Now You Can Eat Mimosas, Thanks To Glazed Mimosa Bread

Cooking with alcohol is quite satisfying. I don’t feel this way because I have a drinking problem, promise. Alcohol imparts a really interesting characteristic┬áto food when used properly. That being said you have to be responsible with your booze in more ways than one. Experimenting with your food and alcohol is a wonderful thing but do be careful. Not all alcohol will make your food tasty.

Not all alcohol will make your food tasty. Some alcohols will make your food turn out horrible so watch out.

Many of you probably use wine, beer, or various alcohols in your cooking but many of you do not think of using alcohol in baked goods. The usual suspects in baked goods include brandy, cognac, or kirsch and that’s pretty much it. Imagine how excited I was when I encountered a baked good that uses champagne?

This awesome glazed mimosa bread from Lemon Tree Dwelling goes beyond the champagne by adding orange juice to the mix thus resulting in a mimosa that you can eat. Check out the video recipe below and then head over to Lemon Tree Dwelling for the full recipe.

Photo and recipe: Lemon Tree Dwelling

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