Prosecco Flavored Cupcake Frosting Is Now A Thing

Attention cupcake addicts and fans. Prosseco flavored cupcake frosting is now available to top your cakes, biscuits, and other baked goods. The popular bubbly often found at brunch and girls night out has been turned into a frosting. Before you run to the store expecting to booze up your favorite pastries, you need to know the frosting is alcohol-free.

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The frosting has merely been made to taste similar to the popular Italian sparkling wine and the booziness doesn’t stop there. Lakeland the company based in the UK who created the frosting also makes cupcake and cake frosting in other popular drinks. Some of their other flavors include gin and tonic, piña colada, and mojito. 

I have a feeling that these happy hours inspired frostings will make appearances at various bridal and baby shower events and they will be paired with their respective cocktails. Care to find out more about the frosting and where to buy them? Click on the link below to check out the Lakeland website to peruse the different frosting flavors.

Photo source: Lakeland

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