The Live Action Version Of Archer’s Eggs Woodhouse

Few things in life are more epic than the infamous Sterling Archer. The animated secret agent who is constantly being shot, stabbed or blown up seems to have a flair for the extravagant. His penchant for custom suits, attractive women, and copious amounts of alcohol seems to know no bounds. It would only be fitting for someone like Archer to indulge in a dish so extravagant that it would have to be named after his butler.

That famous dish is none other than Eggs Woodhouse. For true fans, Eggs Woodhouse has become a running joke since they happen to be the only food the animated character seems to consume besides gallons of booze. The dish is the most extravagant version of eggs benedict known to man. It uses prohibitively expensive ingredients that require the annual salary of someone with a license to kill or at least be amongst Hollywood royalty to afford.

The recipe was first featured in the book

4yp" target="_blank">How to Archer: The Ultimate Guide to Espionage and Style and Women and Also Cocktails Ever Written published in 2012. The book is a cross between a how-to guide, self-help book, and recipe book. It was this book that acted like Pandora’s box for fans because it finally gave us mere mortals the opportunity to recreate Archers’ lavish eggs benadict…if our paychecks allow of course.

Eggs Woodhouse has become so popular that the famous celebrity chef Alton Brown made a guest appearance in the DVD extras of season 3 in which he and Archer attempt to recreate the dish together. Let’s just say things don’t go quite as planned. The popularity of this version of eggs benedict has lead to Youtubers such as Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish to attempt recreating the dish.

The final product seems to be something so outrageously rich and expensive that only an animated character like Archer can stomach. If you choose to recreate the recipe do so at your own discretion. As Archer would say this recipe will put you in the “Danger Zone”…of coronary heart failure that is. Despite his best attempt to consume the dish Andrew Rea is only able to take one bit of the dish which he struggles to swallow. Profits made from monetizing Andrew’s video did raise money for the Hour Children foundation so not all was in vain.

Check Andrew make his best attempt at making Eggs Woodhouse for all of us to enjoy.


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